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Are you afraid employees with an entrepreneurial mindset will eventually be inspired to leave your company to start one of their own?

According to research conducted by Great Place to Work in 2018, firms that sought out and valued employees' input tended to yield five times more revenue growth and employee productivity than those that didn't. Employees at these firms were 14% more likely to stay with their current companies over the long term and were also 32% more likely to describe themselves as willing to put forth extra effort into their jobs.

Great entrepreneurial ideas can come from many sources, particularly employees from all levels within an organization. But it takes the right kind of approach from the firm's leaders to benefit from employees with an entrepreneurial mindset.
Professor Livengood specializes in empowering people with the entreprenurial mindset to elevate their lives and the lives of those around them, including their current employers.
His experience and expertise can help any group see the world differently, seeking problems to solve and then generating creative solutions using the smallest amount of resources possible to implement those solutions.

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How could learning about the entrepreneurial mindset help you? How could learning about the entrepreneurial mindset help your employees? Please watch this short video to find out.

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