What can be learned from TV show characters? Did you know they can help you build a better business? In The Startup of Seinfeld, you’ll learn about the best—and worst—entrepreneurship strategies. What can Kramer teach us about the entrepreneurial process? Does George’s risk-taking make him a better entrepreneur than Jerry? Which entrepreneurial trends does Elaine miss?
Written by R. Scott Livengood, a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship, this humorous entrepreneurship guide examines business models, pitching, marketing, and more through the lens of Seinfeld characters. Using a multimedia approach that combines text, graphics, and video, this fascinating book of entrepreneurship principles brings a fresh twist to “edutainment.” Each concept is illustrated through a relevant Seinfeld clip, making it a great way to learn through pop culture examples.
An engaging book about how to become a better entrepreneur, The Startup of Seinfeld is perfect for entrepreneurs and Seinfeld fans alike.
Get ready to explore the realm of entrepreneurship that transforms your favorite '90s TV show about nothing into…something extraordinary.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Chapter 2: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Chapter 3: Entrepreneurial Characteristics

Chapter 4: Personal Risks of Entrepreneurship

Chapter 5: Entrepreneurial Innovation and Ideation

Chapter 6: Entrepreneurial Product/Service Characteristics

Chapter 7: Entrepreneurial Assessment

Chapter 8: Entrepreneurial Adoption

Chapter 9: Entrepreneurial Business Models

Chapter 10: Entrepreneurial Financing

Chapter 11: Entrepreneurial Planning

Chapter 12: Entrepreneurial Pitching

Chapter 13: Intellectual Property Protection

Chapter 14: Entrepreneurial Marketing

Chapter 15: Founding Team

Chapter 16: Entrepreneurial Advice Networks

Chapter 17: Social Entrepreneurship

Chapter 18: International Entrepreneurship

Chapter 19: Criminal Entrepreneurship


William Irwin

Editor of

Seinfeld and Philosophy: A Book about Everything and Nothing

“Seinfeld hasn’t aired a new episode in over 20 years, but thanks to Scott Livengood the show can teach us something new: what it takes to be an entrepreneur! You need a great idea like muffin tops or a cologne that smells like the beach, but no matter how good your product is, customer service counts—just ask the “Soup Nazi.” Marketing is key, though not even a celebrity endorsement will sell puffy shirts. This multimedia book is a serious introduction to entrepreneurship, but it’s also seriously fun.”

Diana Kander

Author of All-in Startup

"Livengood brings a fresh and innovative perspective to entrepreneurship education . . . I'm all in for this book!"

Ray Lindstrom

Author of Fearless! Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur

 "For those of us entrepreneurs who just “went out and did it” Scott provides a fresh and knowledgeable approach. Adding Seinfeld to the mix is brilliant and shows that he belongs to the small, select group of clever innovators. This book is a must for every entrepreneur or wannabe. Not just informative, but clever and fun. A winning combination from a guy who knows his stuff."

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